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Sunday, 13 November 2011

No South Sudan Solidarity Campaign?

One of the sillier things that people like me sometimes say is: "Why can't people bang on as much about other conflicts as they do about Israel/Palestine?" It is silly because I myself often bang on about Israel/Palestine, so I can't blame others for also doing so. However, I can't help saying what I'm now about to say. When Israel and Hamas fought their Gaza War in 2008/9, the world and its media treated it as the number-one crisis of the day, with saturation news coverage, student sit-ins and emergency motions in support of the Palestinians. Now I look at what's happening right now in South Sudan (, and I see that the response is minimal, to say the least. Why is that? Who gets to decide which people's suffering is most important? I missed the meeting where we all decided that one.

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