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Sunday, 13 November 2011

A quizzical examination

After my mildly caustic comments about Barnet Liberal Democrats' Quiz Supper, the whole thing was a great success. Two colleagues arrived to find a hall filled with joyful people tucking into the caviar canapes before the main course of venison, all washed down by the finest wines in all of christendom. Then (seriously) they realised that they'd gone to last year's venue, in Mill Hill, and were at another local body's quiz supper. They realised their error in time to join us in Whetstone for the fish and chips and questions including: In the British Cabinet, who is the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland? (it's Owen Paterson); In the Carry On films, which actor played Dr Tinkle, WC Boggs and Stuart Farquar? (it was Kenneth Williams) and Which former Prime Minister said "Every Prime Minister needs a Willie?" (it was Margaret Thatcher, advising all PM's to get a deputy as dependable as her own Willie Whitelaw). It was good fun, actually. Great fish and chips and money raised for the Local Party. Small voluntary groups in church halls are the backbone of the country.

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