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Monday, 5 December 2011

The Prime Minister's priorities

David Cameron's people allowed it to be said on the BBC today that the Prime Minister's top concern is to increase competitiveness in the eurozone. That is like suggesting that Ilsa's main concern at the end of Casablanca is whether or not the plane serves salted peanuts. I believe that the Prime Minister gets that the top concern re:- the eurozone is not increased competitiveness (nice though that would be) but the possibility of total and utter doom if the whole thing collapses. I say "I believe that the Prime Minister gets..." because Mr Cameron today said, re:- this other thing with the life sciences: "We get that the game has changed...We're going to be more flexible, more competitive, more hungry for business than ever before," so we clearly 'get' things today (with or without a mid-Atlantic Blairite glottal stop, as the PM actually said 'combedidive'). Grr! Hungry for business! Does he rehearse in front of the mirror like Gareth Cheeseman? Does he play Eye of the Tiger in his head? Were his comms today being handled by some kids who'd written in to Jim'll Fix It? Although actually I too am hungry for British business and I'm sure he's right about the life sciences.

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