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Friday, 20 January 2012

Lenin's brain and the Laws of Time

Working from home with BBC Parliament on in the background as the Commons enjoys the Christopher Chope Hour. Mr Chope is one of my party's partners in government and often speaks on Friday mornings at heroic length on whatever piece of backbench business is being debated today. Today it's the Daylight Saving Bill, daylight apparently being an endangered species on a par with the panda or the rhinocerous. Jacob Rees-Mogg said that if Mr Chope spoke for a mere five minutes on each of the amendments tabled in his name, he'd be speaking for a commendable two hours and twenty minutes.

When the minister rose to speak, there was a point of order to the effect that he was speaking too fast to be understood...Mr Rees-Mogg then returned to point out, among other things, that Lenin's brain had been considered so impressive as to be displayed as an object of veneration after his death, and that he believed that such a thing should also happen to the great brain of "the President of the Board of Trade", Vince Cable, on the hopefully far-distant day when Dr Cable is no longer with us.

This sums up what some people hate about Parliament. For me, it does the complete opposite. Clever people using humour to openly debate a complex issue - that is why we have a Parliament in the first place. I am far more inspired by that than I am by the notion of MPs prancing around their constituencies pretending to control local services over which they really have no influence. It is, after all, a debating chamber, created for the purpose of making and scrutinising laws, and holding government to account.

I should say that I am writing here in a personal capacity, and not in my role as Secretary of the Lib Dem Friends of the Conservative Party.

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