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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Glorious obit of Lord St John

There are one or two Tories in the current government who wouldn't say boo to a goose (who was that gangster a few years ago who, giving a character reference in court for one of his professional contemporaries, said: "Not only would he not say boo to a goose, he wouldn't say boo to two gooses"?). This is doubtless good news for the nation's geese, none of whom has ever expressed to me a desire for anyone to say "Boo" to them. But these utterly blameless individuals (Tory ministers, not geese), in whose mouths fat-free non-butter wouldn't melt, do sometimes seem a little bit boring to serve as ministers of the crown. Lives so utterly straightforward as to almost seem not quite real...The same can most assuredly not be said for Norman St John-Stevas, whose Telegraph obituary ( is very funny and was, I suspect, written in part by the late Auberon Waugh. Definitely worth a read - what a life. One could almost (but not quite) imagine having been a Tory if they had all been like this. Was he the Conservative Party's answer to the Liberal Sir Clement Freud? I doubt either man would have relished the comparison.

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