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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I've lost my voice (of Russia)

Following my earlier post ( about my exciting broadcast on Voice of Russia, I know that many millions of you were gathered around your wireless sets waiting to hear it. The programme that I'd been told was on at nine turned out to be on at ten thirty, and just as it was about to begin on my digital radio, it switched to Radio Australia (Voice of Russia, it transpires, is broadcast in the UK on something called World Radio Network, currently airing a genuinely boring programme called Pacific Beat live from Melbourne). Does anything better sum up the glorious bathos of my career than this latest episode? Does the World Radio Network not know who I am (who am I?)? Am I at this moment being broadcast to the English-speaking masses of the FSU? Sniff. I shall post a link to it when they put it on YouTube. UPDATE: Here it is if you wish to listen.

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