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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Media Alert: Voice of Russia at 9pm today

UPDATE: Here is the programme if you are interested in hearing it.

I just came out of recording a discussion programme for a radio station called Voice of Russia (, discussing Israel, Iran, AIPAC and the Palestinians, and then who should walk past me in the street on a sunny St James's Square? None other than BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen. Anyway, it goes out at nine o'clock tonight (Wednesday 7 March 2012) and the website ( says that it can be found on UK digital radio on DAB, 23/7. It is broadcast through their website as well, although I'm not sure whether that includes the variant of the station that I was on - they're putting it on YouTube, so I'll post that when I have it.

I went on as a "pro-Israeli Liberal Democrat" and was therefore speaking for myself and not for Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel or for any other organisation. When I arrived, participants in the discussion turned out to include "Israel Shamir" (, on the telephone from Moscow. I strongly dissociate myself from Israel Shamir and from the disgusting things that he frequently writes. I was on the programme to oppose his views in debate and I deplore all that he stands for.

Also, Professor Rosemary Hollis ( said that she believes that it is increasingly unlikely that a two-state solution can be achieved, at which point the programme ended - had we gone on, I would have explained why I disagree with her on that. There was also a chap on from the Stop the War Coalition and I disagree with most of what he said too...And Michael Fish just walked past me in the street. Perhaps I agree with him on something. Yes, I agree with Nick Clegg, Michael Fish and myself.

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