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Monday, 5 March 2012

Who is Terry Jermy?

No to Breckland car parking charges; Final push to collect signatures Perhaps the email below is computer-generated spam, and I am doing a complete injustice to this person, but a Labour councillor in somewhere called 'Norfolk' appears to have emailed me accusing me of signing some sort of petition connected to the parking of motor cars. I am not Labour, I am not in Norfolk and I do not drive (let alone park) a motor car. I have at least one good friend who is from Norfolk and I have reason to believe that it is a very fine county, but I have no memory of signing a petition involving the urgent matter below. Perhaps my Lib Dem friends in South Norfolk will be interested in the email below? Google tells me that Mr Jermy has some sort of weblog called Jermy's Journal, but I haven't looked at it, as I fear that it might be too much for a person of tender conscience such as myself. Incidentally, Cllr Jermy's email doubles most effectively as an insomnia cure.


  1. My use of Blackberry email had gone awry; here is the Jermy email:

    No car parking charges in Breckland campaign Spring 2012
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     Dear Supporter,I am contacting you as somebody that has completed the online petition against the introduction of car parking charges across the Breckland Council area.Can I first thank-you for taking the time to sign this petition. 
    We have so far managed to collect 1,600 signatures online and a minimum of 10,000 signatures offline with the support of local shops and traders, and through the hard work of volunteers in our high streets.
    This has been a tremendous effort and I would like to sincerely thank everybody that has supported this campaign.
    Over the next few weeks we will be collating all of the petitions and working out the total figures.
    In the meantime, could I ask you to;
    1. Please forward this email to your contacts and encourage them to sign up to the online petition if they have not already done so, link here; 
    2. Please consider printing off the petition form and collecting signatures from your friends, colleagues, family or neighbours - particularly if they don't have internet access. You can access the hard copy petition, and the display badge by clicking this link; 
    Finally, my contact details are on this page, and the links to social networking sites that I use; Twitter and Facebook. Please utilise these options if you wish to stay informed about the car parking charges campaign, or indeed any campaigns or activity led by the Breckland Labour Group. I regularly send out email updates, so please let me know if you would like to be added to the list.
    Many thanks,
    Terry Jermy
    Leader of the Breckland Labour Group
    y Jermy 

  2. How weird. I've not seen this post until now. Your email was used on the No to car parking charges in Breckland petition via Petition Buzz - and everybody that signed up to support it received this follow up email from myself. Regardless, I am glad that it assisted with your insomnia, please do let me know if you need any further help with that. I wouldn't have thought that it would have been an issue, what with you being a Lib Dem. Best wishes, Terry