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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Time to stamp on political re-branding?

Through the letter-box comes London Elects' booklet on the Mayor of London & London Assembly Elections, written in commendably plain English and very well-presented. It lists all the candidates, including many Constituency London Assembly Member Candidates who are listed as standing for "Fresh Choice For London". That is actually UKIP in disguise. Should political parties be allowed to fly under a flag of convenience in this way? I thought the same when the SWP first donned its new costume as Respect (it was a pantomime horse costume, of which SWP activists provided the back end). Might some voters vote for Fresh Choice without realising that it's UKIP? Should there be a footnote on the ballot paper explaining who a party really is, if the party concerned has changed its name within, say, the past twelve months? Perhaps UKIP's logo will appear next to Fresh Choice on the ballot paper, but this re-branding still seems a bit iffy and potentially misleading.

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