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Monday, 21 May 2012

Clinton and "Economy, stupid"

I simultaneously yawn, grimace and growl upon reading a BBC News story today that says that "the first President Bush (lost) the 1992 presidential race to Bill Clinton, who ran on the slogan: 'It's the Economy Stupid'". Of course, Clinton ran on no such slogan, having as he did a strange disinclination towards the idea of addressing the electors as "stupid". What actually happened, of course, is that Clinton's campaign staff had, in their War Room, which was obviously not a public place, a big sign that did indeed say: "It's the economy, stupid", the ironically-expressed idea being that if anyone on the campaign team needed to ask what the Clinton's main campaign issue was, then, hey - it's the economy, stupid. A moment's thought tells us that "It's the economy, stupid" is an unlikely slogan for an election campaign. My point being that if we all trot out these vapid historical cliches and quotations without thinking about what they mean and without using them accurately, then the results can be somewhat enervating.

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