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Sunday, 6 May 2012

David Davis and hypocrisy

David Davis tells The Observer: "I think if you ask the man on the street what his priorities are, House of Lords reform and gay marriage would not be among them. It would be jobs, cutting taxes, prosperity, growth. It is the economy, stupid." This from a man who, in the middle of an economic crisis, resigned from the Shadow Cabinet to promote his (laudable) opposition to the over-lengthy detention without trial of suspected terrorists - an issue about which his "man on the street" surely cares as much (or as little) as he cares about Lords reform and gay marriage? And if Tories like Mr Davis consider gay marriage and Lords reform to be unimportant, then why are they wasting so much energy opposing them? Nothing is more tired or more tiresome than the argument that any issue apart from the economy is a waste of time. It is not true, and if it was true, it would apply as much to some Tories' obsession with Europe as it does to gay marriage and Lords reform. And where does Mr Davis get off with tax cuts? Nobody likes paying higher taxes. Some taxes are sometimes too high. Some tax cuts sometimes boost economic growth, among other advantages. But surely Mr Davis' "man on the street" cares more about the need to adequately fund his local schools, police and hospitals than he does about the need to cut his taxes? Does Mr Davis think that Labour gained seats at the local elections because the "man on the street" is crying out for tax cuts?

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