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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Is Mudar Zahran right?

Mudar Zahran is a (Muslim) Palestinian writer from Jordan (most of Jordan's population is Palestinian) who lives in the UK as a refugee (a refugee from Jordan, that is - Having recently heard Mr Zahran speak and take questions, I am fascinated by what he has to say about Jordan, Israel and the Palestinians. Be he right or be he wrong, I think that he deserves a hearing.

Here is a video of a TV interview:; here is a piece from the Jerusalem Post (yes, a Palestinian writing for an Israeli newspaper - get over it):; and is an article from Middle East Quarterly that deserves to be read in full (and no, I'm not here supporting the call for Western intervention in Jordan that Mr Zahran makes in this piece).

Of course, everyone reading this knows that Jordan, like Israel and Pakistan, is a new country that was created out of the ruins of the British Empire - in 1946, in Jordan's case. Jordan's royal family, the Hashemites, were imported and installed by the British in 1921, in the newly created Emirate of Transjordan, carved by the British out of Mandate Palestine. Jordan's native Bedouins (East Bank Jordanians) are today heavily outnumbered in Jordan by Palestinians (that is, Arabs who hail not from Jordan, but from Gaza, the West Bank and the territory that is now Israel) - the world's largest single Palestinian population lives in Jordan, hence the importance politically of Jordan's Palestinian people.

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