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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"No" to faith/ethnic community politics in Barnet

Over at my JC blog (, I have had a moan about a Barnet blogger who has suggested that Barnet's Jewish and Greek communities are "represented" on the council by those councillors who happen to be Jewish or Greek, while other communities (including, apparently, the Irish Catholic community) are (she says) not represented at all, as there are (apparently) no councillors who are members of the communities concerned. Why can a Jewish councillor not represent someone who is Irish, or vice versa? We elect councillors as individuals to represent a whole ward, not as representatives of this or that community. Then she says that a Conservative candidate in a local by-election is likely to have views on foreign policy that might alienate Jewish and Greek voters (the candidate concerned having been involved in Conservative Muslim Forum). What has foreign policy got to do with the council? Who cares what this Conservative candidate does or does not think about Israel or Cyprus? What has that got to do with emptying the bins and setting Council Tax? So, that's me, picking a fight online with a blogger who calls herself "Mrs Angry" - what could possibly go wrong?

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