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Monday, 14 May 2012

Palestinian hunger strike to end?

Pleased to see on the website of the Palestinian news agency Ma'an that there appears to be a deal in sight to end the hunger strike of some Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails ( I was interested to read this short, thoughtful piece about administrative detention in Israel and the UK ( - worth five minutes if you are interested in this issue. I did not previously know that the Israelis have applied such detention not only to Palestinian terror suspects, but also to "extremist Jewish settlers in the West Bank suspected of trying to organise anti-Arab terrorism". That is an interesting thought. We also have to address the disturbing fact that children are being held in "degrading and disgraceful" conditions. What kind of country would allow such a thing? This one would. The UK. The children in question are being held here, at Heathrow Airport, today: Perhaps we should all stop buying British produce until this has been sorted out? Forgive my heavy attempt at irony. I don't really mean it. I write here in a personal capacity.

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