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Friday, 4 May 2012

Pre-count cogitation

It transpires that the W3 bus is the best means of getting from Alexandra Palace Station to Alexandra Palace itself. As I await said bus, I am not downcast. I am downcast by the weather, and would like to move from London, England to London, Ontario, where it is doubtless warmer and where they already have a Liberal Mayor. I am downcast by the fact that I cannot find my other mobile, which hopefully means that it is in the flat and not elsewhere. But I am not downcast by what appear to be disappointing election results. Sorry for those colleagues who have lost, but I love my party's being in government and that trumps my sadness about some bad local election results. I love politics, and therefore very much enjoy all the coverage of the election results, even when the results might be bad. Nobody's dead. Lib Dem ministers are doing the right things in government and this is a long-term game. Right, in I go!

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