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Friday, 4 May 2012

Start the count, I'm coming in

Following my adventures on polling day (, I now await a bus (if we still have buses under this current Tory mayor), to be followed by a train, which will take me to Alexandra Palace for the North London leg of the Mayoral and Assembly Election count. The train won't actually take me into the palace itself, as my life is not actually a scene from a Harry Potter film. I shall have to walk. For sixteen minutes, says the Internet. Actually, I am now on the bus, thanks to the excellent influence of Lib Dem Transport Minister Norman Baker, whose hard work has countered the deleterious impact of London's Tory Mayor, Boris "call me Boris" Johnson, whose first name is actually Alexander and whose intimates apparently call him Al, demonstrating the extent to which his whole "Boris" routine really is an act, albeit a good enough act to have secured my second preference vote in preference to Ken Livingstone, with Brian Paddick having received my first preference.

I am now waiting at New Barnet Station for a train that is a whopping two minutes late (do First Capital Connect not know who I am? Actually they do, or at any rate did:, for which I blame Tory Transport Minister and Chipping Barnet MP Theresa Villiers. The train has now arrived and is on the move, meaning that Norman Baker must have wrested back control from Theresa in a coalition power struggle. Indeed, so efficient is this rail network that I am already on another train going back the way I came from Hornsey, having failed to get off the first train when it stopped at Alexandra Palace. I am now here. At Alexandra Palace Station. The count thus awaits me if I walk for sixteen minutes, so that had better now claim my attention.

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