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Friday, 22 June 2012

David Cameron at doctors' demo OK, it was five years ago. And he clearly meant every word, delivered without notes, responding visibly to the mood of his audience. On 'Webcameron'! Nothing dates like politics. "Autre temps," Julian Critchley might have said.

Actually worth looking at, this video, given all that has happened since - at the time, some thought it noteworthy that doctors were demonstrating, and that the Leader of the Conservative Party was speaking to them. And yesterday, under his premiership, they were striking for the first time since 1975.

I speak as a medical expert, as I have a Grade Three CSE in Biology. I'll re-sit it in 2014. Or, as Mrs Thatcher said about the euro: "No! No! No!" Anyone else reading this get asked to sit CSEs instead of O-levels in some subjects? No, thought not. I am alone on this. This is a subject to which I shall be returning.

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