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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fascinating piece by Mudar Zahran on Jordan

I previously posted a link to the views of Mudar Zahran, a (Muslim) Palestinian-Jordanian writer who lives in the  UK. A reader has posted a link to a fascinating article about Jordan by Mr Zahran in today's Jerusalem Post - definitely worth a look.

1 comment:

  1. Madar zhran is too funny.. All he talks about discrimination and he forgot that he is one. Mumbles a lot about history which he is trying to change the facts of it. First of all Jordan is for all Jordanian does not a matter where you coming from, any if you say the king is not Jordanian so he should go back to where he did come from then why do not you say the same thing about our brothers who found a homeland to take care of them instead of attacking the King.!!!However am not trying to defend the king bcz he got defaults. But what I would love to see is more logical and reasonable reasons of your arguments. Mentioning some for instant the absent of Pal-Jordanian Representatives in the parliaments is that because there is no democracy in the country or is it because the lack of Parties to represent Pal-Jordanians. One big lie that you have mentioned in other articles and T.V interviews was the Pal-Jordanians .being threatens their citizen-ship to be withdrawn from them. How is that possible if they have been living in Jordan for the last 50 years and they have the same passport as 100% Jordanian have!!!! Now you live in U.K and you are very familiar with civilized society and especially the political side of it. So what is happening in Jordan as anywhere else in the world.G.F.C is effecting the whole world and obviously small countries like Jordan will get the biggest hit due to the limited resources and the vast Audaciousness corrupted who we call ''big shot'', Hyperinflation is 4% so this is all lead to confusion and turmoil in the country. And not to mention other factors, however, my point is governments make decisions and instead of blaming the king for his unlimited power we should blame people like you who trying to enlarge the gap by using ugly lies and fake information and trying to show that your more with the pal than you are. So count your words and honestly review your knowledge of history might help you for better future.nticated to perform this action