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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

From petrol to pints?

Obviously, as a Vice-President of the Liberal Democrat Friends of the Conservative Party, I welcome the fuel tax freeze ( I gather that this is something to do with motor cars - I don't actually drive. But I do get buses and I do depend, presumably, on the overall health of the British economy, not to mention deliveries to supermarkets and any other leisure emporia that I might occasionally patronise, so I am happy to assume that this thing with the fuel tax is the right decision. As I applaud vigorously from the sidelines, my mind wonders towards beer (stop it) - if we can freeze the fuel tax, what about CAMRA's petition ( on freezing beer duty? I don't like freezing beer, I like bitter to be served at room temperature, but if it is true that the beer and pub industry supports around a million British jobs and contributes £21 billion to UK GDP, then it's got to be worth thinking about.

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