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Friday, 6 July 2012

Yasir Arafat radio clip

The London-based radio station Voice of Russia rang me up yesterday and asked me to comment (as someone who blogs about the Middle East) on this news story: So I did, at:

I also said, when asked if I thought that the Palestinians might use this story as a reason not to talk peace with Israel, that I hoped that President Abbas and his entourage are really not that stupid.

I personally see no mystery as to how Yasir Arafat died; as the BBC says, Mr Arafat's medical records: "showed he died of a massive haemorrhagic stroke that resulted from a bleeding disorder caused by an unknown infection. Independent experts who reviewed the records told the paper that it was highly unlikely that he had died of Aids or had been poisoned."

I am, of course, not responsible for the views of any of the other people commenting in this clip.

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