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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"Good Times" at Drink Aware

I am a huge supporter of Drink Aware, and they have an excellent website and online tools. I am slightly intrigued by this one: Really? We go out and mark anything that happens as either a Good Time or a Bad Time, on a Facebook page?!

"Your friend finally got chatting to the person they've been going on about for ages? Take a snap and upload it as a 'good time'. Later on one of your friends has ended up making a bit of a fool of themselves - you guessed it, snap it and upload it as a 'bad time'."

It all involves Facebook "minimising the chances of the night turning bad, for example having too much to drink, losing your friends, getting into a fight or ending up without a ride home." Well, quite.

If only such an app had been available in the Colony Rooms circa 1979. Lewis and Tolkien could have done with it on many occasions, as could Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, the Shelley Circle and the Evelyn Waugh set. Had the good times not gone bad, Profumo would never have got in that swimming pool at Cliveden, and Lady Ottoline Morrell would now be remembered for throwing the most amazing whist drives.

There is nothing funny about alcohol abuse. I do support Drink Aware. If this app helps some people to stay safe, then I support it, although it does make me laugh a bit, sorry. I wish Simon Gray could have seen it. Ah well. I suppose danger seems less funny when you're actually in it and this is about helping people to stay safe.

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