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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Nick Clegg meets Palestinian Prime Minister

Writing here in a personal capacity, I am very pleased (as a pro-Israeli Liberal Democrat) that UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg met Palestinian Prime Minister Dr Salam Fayyad on Friday (

One could debate ad infinitum the strong criticisms of some Israeli policies expressed by Mr Clegg on this occasion; my point, rather, is that it's simply great that Mr Clegg is meeting the person who is surely the best leader that the Palestinians have ( It is people like Mr Fayyad who will lead the Palestinians to the sort of peace that will benefit Palestinians and Israelis alike.

Mr Clegg's support for Israeli/Palestinian peace includes his oft-stated belief that: "No Israeli should have to live in fear of terrorism. I want to see a prosperous and confident Israel, able to live in peace." I am more than happy with the UK Government's policies on Iran and on UK-Israeli economic co-operation, and I am also pleased to read that Nick Clegg and David Cameron will reportedly be attending Monday's memorial event for the Israelis murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Olympics in 1972 (

The importance of talking to leaders like Salam Fayyad is underlined by the latest grotesque behaviour of Hamas ( Hamas has condemned the visit to Auschwitz of Ziad al-Bandak, an adviser to Palestinian President Abbas, as "unjustified and unhelpful", and called the Holocaust "an alleged tragedy".

Referring to Mr al-Bandak's Auschwitz visit (during which he laid flowers), Hamas' newspaper says: "What is the wisdom in such a simple step that supports the Jews and their crimes?...Neither the Jews nor we believe that Hitler killed six millions (sic) Jews."

When you defend Hamas, you defend views such as this. How would you feel if someone accused the British of fabricating the events of 7/7? Hamas is to Palestinian politics what the Ku Klux Klan is to American politics. Until it changes quite radically, it will have nothing to contribute towards the Israel/Palestine peace process (

And just how pathetic is it that Egypt's embassy in Israel sent Israeli President Shimon Peres a letter from Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi wishing peace to the whole Middle East (including Israel), only for Egypt to deny that the letter had been meant?! President Morsi's letter was in reply to President Peres' Ramadan greeting to the Muslim world.

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  1. It's also pathetic Harris that Clegg is turning a blind eye to Israel's brutal and racist occupation of Palastine while at the same time claiming (like you and Ludford) that he supports a Palastinian state.