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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Paralympics crashes Orange voicemail

If you dial 07973100123 from any phone in the UK, you can access your voicemail on your Orange phone (a Pay As You Go phone, in my case) - you enter your Orange mobile number and a PIN, and it takes you to your messages. This is how you 'remote-access' your Orange voicemail from another phone that is not your Orange phone, and it is a very important service. Today when I did it, it was "not available", so I could not check my voicemail. Orange then told me that it had stopped working on 28 August and will only be fixed on 9 September, the delay being due to the Olympics and Paralympics. No complaints against Orange, who handled my 'complaint' very well, but how interesting is this - a major telecoms facility not working as a consequence of London 2012! Those politicians who congratulated themselves on such a thing not having happened sadly spoke too soon.

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