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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Holocaust and Munich massacre aren't funny

As I am (for various happy reasons) not in Brighton for Lib Dem Conference, I was just with some friends in a J D Wetherspoon pub in New Barnet. Upon said friends' departure, I put 50p in a quiz machine in the pub, and, it must be said, won a pound back. On this quiz machine (which bore the logo Gamesnet, whoever they may be), I played a 'pub quiz' game in which two of the suggested answers to each question were possibly right, and one was deliberately silly. One question was: "Steven Spielberg did NOT direct the following film: Schindler's List; Munich; Jews 4: The Revenge". Jokes are supposed to be funny, and that one isn't - it plays on the stereotype of Jews being vengeful when people massacre them, which is not a proper subject for trivial humour on a pub quiz machine. It is simply a little bit nasty. Let's not make too much of this. These machines are intended to be laughed at raucously by drunk kids in pubs. I'd just rather that drunk kids were laughing at something other than Jews and their tragedies. And before you accuse me of being over-sensitive, I'd ask you to consider whether you'd like these pub quiz machines to make jokes about Moors Murder victims, 7/7 or Paralympic athletes? There is a line, and we do draw it somewhere, and I imagine that Wetherspoon's Tim Martin might agree with me on that.

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