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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Supporting Israel's Gaza war

Haven't blogged much for ages, partly for the happy reason that I have been very busy professionally and personally, not least because I am delighted to say that I am engaged to be married to Jacqueline...And have been ill with a shocking cold for large parts of the past week.

So, to business: I supported Israel's military action in Gaza, and am very pleased that there is now a ceasefire and that both sides have stopped firing, not least because I have relatives living in Israel who could have been directly affected by this latest conflict. As a last resort, governments do sometimes need to undertake military action to protect their citizens from an intolerable threat, even at the risk of inadvertently causing civilian casualties on the other side, and I do not oppose Operation Pillar of Defence.

If you condemn Israel for killing civilians in the process of hitting legitimate military targets, then do you equally condemn NATO (of which we British are a part) for its (our) killing of so many civilians in drone strikes, etc, in Afghanistan? What is the difference? I write here in a personal capacity.

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