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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ward abroad (and in Guardian)

Lib Dem blogger Mark Pack writes ( that the absence of Lib Dem MP David Ward from Wednesday's Commons vote on equal marriage was the result of his being "abroad on Parliamentary business"; my own absence from the vote was the result of my "sadly not ever having been elected an MP in the first place".

It is thrilling to think that, had I not been so careless as to mislay the roughly twenty thousand additional votes that might have swept me to victory in Hendon, then I too might this week have been abroad on the same Parliamentary business as detained Mr Ward, perhaps sharing his bivouac in Borneo, Bogota, Boston or whichever foreign place it is that he has been emailing Jewish News from (, said emails presumably indicating either that Mr Ward has returned and is no longer abroad after all, or that he is the owner of a smart phone.

Anyway, before embarking on his business abroad (an expression that somehow drips with Wildean disdain: "I do not wish to hear that you have business abroad, Mr Worthington," or is it (with an exclamation mark) a Brian Rix farce, or perhaps a song by Flanders and Swann), Mr Ward found time to be interviewed by the Guardian, an organ that had, prior to Mr Ward's recent fall into the stormy teacup that has got him into such hot water (perhaps it needs more milk?)given him the same amount of attention as had other national newspapers, that being "pretty much no attention at all".

The Guardian, of all papers, asked Mr Ward the questions that needed asking, and Mr Ward's answers explain better than I ever could why his words, and the sentiments underlying them, are so utterly mistaken and wrong, so do read this piece and consider what it says about his views and what he says about himself, especially if you are a Liberal Democrat of that depressing variety which still actually likes the Guardian:

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