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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nick Clegg right on David Ward

I am immensely saddened that it has become necessary for the Lib Dem whip to be removed for two months from David Ward MP ( This could so easily have been avoided, if Mr Ward had properly understood and apologised for the offensive connotations of the language that he has continued to use about Israel, the Holocaust and "the Jews", and if he had clarified his meaning to remove the likelihood that an antisemitic or inflammatory inference could be drawn from his words.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fw: Groundbreaking “Two States Bill” introduced in Knesset

The politics of hope - exactly the sort of thing that Liberal Democrats should be supporting.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

David Ward's Israel tweet

So, what did the Liberal Democrat MP David Ward mean when he tweeted the following non-sequitur: "Am I wrong or am I right? At long last the Zionists are losing the battle – how long can the apartheid state of Israel last?"

Monday, 15 July 2013

Fw: Highbury & Islington Tube station update

Another winner of the Pain English Award. I was there this morning and they were broadcasting over the intercom about how "The priorities have been reversed" in various "subways" (corridors). "The priorities have been reversed"? I'd love to have been at the meeting at which someone decided that everyone would understand what that means. Oh, and the clock on the southbound Victoria Line platform is three minutes slow. Has been for ages. Can it not be fixed? I demand a reversal of priorities. There are few things more annoying (when arriving on this platform prior to catching a London Overground train from another platform) than to see this clock and think: "Ah, good, got several minutes, don't need to rush up the stairs and lose my breath..." only to then miss one's train because London Underground's clock is wrong. Sometimes it really is the little things. "Stands the station clock at ten to three?" as Rupert Brooke so nearly put it. "Hear the cool lapse of hours pass,
Until the centuries blend and blur/ In Highbury, in Islington...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sir Bob Russell's Holocaust question

I strongly dissent from the opinions recently expressed about the Holocaust and Israel/Palestine by the Liberal Democrat MP Sir Bob Russell. Questioning Education Secretary Michael Gove about the national curriculum, Sir Bob asked: "On the assumption that the 20th century will include the Holocaust, will he give me an assurance that the life of Palestinians since 1948 will be given equal attention?"