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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fw: Groundbreaking “Two States Bill” introduced in Knesset

The politics of hope - exactly the sort of thing that Liberal Democrats should be supporting.


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Subject: Groundbreaking "Two States Bill" introduced in Knesset

the OneVoice Newsletter
Knesset Caucus Chair introduces bill for two-state solution

Months of hard work by OneVoice Israel at the grassroots and political-elite level have paved the way for a bold move in the Knesset today.  Members of the Knesset (MKs), including Caucus for Ending the Israeli-Arab Conflict Chair MK Hilik Bar (Labor), submitted a bill today that would, if adopted by a majority of the Knesset, for the first time in Israel’s history enshrine into law that it is the state’s policy to pursue a two-state solution, representing the true will of a majority of Israelis toward peace with their Palestinian neighbours. Passage of the law would also signal to the international community that Israel is committed to a two-state solution, at a time when such an outcome is coming under threat.

WATCH: Israel’s Channel 2 News interview with MK Bar (Hebrew w/ English subtitles)

Channel 2 interview with MK Bar

"The window of opportunity for a two-state peace agreement is shrinking; this bill is tantamount to giving a strong, new impetus to the government and the coalition to enter negotiations immediately, and promote the Two-State Solution,” MK Bar said in a press release yesterday.

OneVoice Israel Director Tal Harris echoed these sentiments: “We as citizens have a responsibility to ensure that the push for two states is top of the Knesset agenda. There is a majority out here on the streets who want it, and a majority in the Knesset who believe in it too. It is OneVoice’s role to connect and energise these two constituencies, allowing each to strengthen the other.”

OneVoice was an integral founding partner of the Caucus for Ending the Israeli-Arab Conflict and closely involved in the formation of this legislation. In support of the Caucus’ efforts, OneVoice Israel (OVI) launched a “Roundtable Peace Initiative” on June 23 to build support for the Caucus at the grassroots level. Nearly 2,000 people in 11 cities across Israel rallied to revive the Middle East peace process. A wide range of decision makers, issue experts, MKs, intellectuals, academics, former senior defense officials, and media attended. In Mattan Peretz’s eyes, the collaboration between the co-hosts and the engagement of the Israeli public made the event truly “unique.”

Highlights of the roundtable events are below.

Highlights of the roundtable events

There is no doubt that OneVoice’s grassroots work in Israel has found a foothold on the political level.  But our efforts cannot end here. This is just the first of many steps we must take to ensure a two-state solution and an end to the conflict.

Peace is possible. But you must work for it. Take action now. Forward this email to a friend, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to learn how you can personally contribute to a two- state solution.
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