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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Matthew Harris, Matthrew Harris and Brian Coleman - the plot thins

Page 8 of today's Barnet Press includes a round-up of comments made by readers on the paper's website, one of which (attributed to "Matthew Harris") is: "Brian (Coleman) really must try harder to overcome the temptation to behave like Hyacinth Bucket." In the microverse that is Barnet and its local politics (a microverse in which, as one colleague used often to reiterate, "No-one knows who any of us are"), there might be someone who thinks that I made this comment - I didn't, and nor would I ever say anything like that about Cllr Coleman or anybody else. The comment was made by someone signing in as "Matthrew Harris, Barnet" - doubtless a typo rather than an exciting political conspiracy. Although, as I never tire of saying, the film Paper Mask is a thriller all about someone pretending to be Matthew Harris. Or is it about a Matthew Harris pretending to be somebody else? Beyond it starring Paul McGann and (I vaguely recall) involving a plot point about a rather lovely hip flask engraved with the name of Matthew Harris (surely a hip flask that is rightfully mine, and mine alone), I forget the details...Coming soon to a cinema near you, David Mitchell is Matthew Harris in "The Man Who Taunted Himself". 

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