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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Who faked the Trojan Horse?

If (and it is a big "if") the Trojan Horse letter was faked, then who faked it, and why? If it's not a fake, then it's not a fake, but if - if - it is a fake, then was it faked by Islamophobes?

Jews have our own memories of forged documents that falsely accuse us of malign conspiracies (most notoriously The Protocols of the Elders of Zion) and while I don't wish to sound melodramatic, if someone - and who? - has forged a document that 'proves' that radical Islamists are taking over some schools in Birmingham, then such a forgery could surely be a disgusting and dangerous attempt to falsely accuse some British people who are Muslims of 'crimes' that have not actually been committed - and that stinks.

If it's happening, then it's Islamophobic, it stinks and it matters more than any rows between Cabinet Ministers and their erstwhile Special Advisers. So, I say again: if this document was forged, then who forged it and when are they going to be arrested? And if - and it is a big if - the allegations of extremist 'takeovers' of schools are false, then surely Peter Clarke and all these other people are wasting time investigating allegations that have no basis in truth, based on a forged document - false allegations which have the potential to increase the prejudice faced by British Muslims (and British Asians) who have not done anything wrong.

I write here in a personal capacity and I know that the document might not be forged; I also know that all forms of extremism (in all faiths, and among people of no faith) are often dangerous and must be tackled (and I have blogged about that previously). My point here is that the row between the Home Secretary and the Education Secretary appears to have obscured the fact that the original document might be a fake.

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