Saturday, 1 May 2010

My party's agenda on gay rights

A local resident has asked me to expand on my views on gay rights. My party has an excellent record on this and I strongly agree with Nick Clegg's stance on these issues. We candidates get sent a lot of web surveys to fill in, and in my answer to one such survey, I ticked something that wrongly implied that I might have doubts about gay adoption. I have no such doubts and am strongly in favour of gay couples having the right to adopt and foster children. In an ideal world, every child would live with its mother and father, who would be together and able to happily bring up their children unaided - but we don't live in anything like an ideal world, hence the need for adoption and fostering. Adoption and fostering are almost always better for any child than is instutional care. I am filled with admiration and respect for anyone (whatever their sexuality) who is prepared to adopt or foster a child. I am a strong believer in gay people's right to adopt and foster children.

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  1. Great to read this, Matthew - I had read the web survey you filled-in and was none too happy. I'm glad you have cleared this up and my doubts have been allayed - thanks.