Friday, 19 August 2011

Tory imitation sincerely flatters my blog

Last weekend, I wrote that Hendon's holidaying Tory MP Matthew Offord would achieve little by rushing back from Belize to a riot-hit London, as: "Matthew is a backbench MP...all he could have contributed was...sympathy...which...would have done little, in practical terms, to help..." Now I see that Cllr Hugh Rayner, the Chairman of Hendon Conservative Association, has written to the Hendon Times saying: "there would have been little that (Matthew Offord), or indeed any backbench MP, could do except express sympathy, which...would have done little in practical terms to help...” What a coincidence!


  1. sorry, Matthew: have to take issue with you on this point ... our MPs, whether back bench or minister, are paid to represent us, and part of the undertaking they make is to attend Parliament when it is recalled. Such events take place rarely, and only in exceptional circumstances. Many other MPs and members of the Lords made strenuous efforts to return for the recall, and many others had returned during the riots from a sense of duty.

  2. Thank you. I cannot argue with that. I appreciate that, if Parliament is recalled on rare occasions in emergency circumstances, then it is reasonable for people to expect their MP to come back on those occasions. However, Mr Offord was given permission by Government whips to not-return, given the great expense that would have been incurred by flying back from Belize.